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Director Spotlight: Sol Guy


We are delighted to be bringing on 'The Death of My Two Fathers — from acclaimed director Sol Guy.

The following is a statement Guy wrote for Kinema:

I believe we change and shape our world through the stories we tell. My passion to explore art and social change has provided me with a unique creative journey. From my early days as a founding member of a Canadian Hip Hop group, Rascalz to creating, and presenting TV shows, producing and directing films, writing books, to managing other artists, and all-the while implementing innovative socially-minded business practices.

The creative process in making The Death of My Two Fathers demanded a depth of presence, a need to be aware of and experience everything that was happening to me and to my family along the way. If I had put my attention elsewhere, I would have been unable to receive the gifts of inspiration and ask the questions that allowed me to confront, address, and experience the pain that allowed me to heal the cyclical issues that remained in my family.

I believe deeply in healing through creative practice. This project has proven to me that this is the true purpose of art and the role of the artist. I can only hope that within that healing I can offer something others can relate to and reflect upon for and within themselves. The film provided an opportunity for my own journey of discovery; the camera was my shield to wade into waters that without it I was otherwise unwilling to traverse or take on. This is a film about grief and loss, about identity and race, about confronting who we are and the healing power of telling our story.  Ultimately this film is simply a letter to my children based upon the letter that my fathers left for me.

- Sol Guy

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