Filmmaker Spotlight: Sanjay Rawal


We love our filmmakers. They are part of the Kinema community, providing us with top-notch content and lively post-screening discussions for our audiences. This month we’re excited to feature Sanjay Rawal, Director of 'Gather' and 'Food Chains', both of which are available for you to screen to your community.

In Sanjay's own words:

When the world shuttered in March 2020, the film community faced profound uncertainty. We all know that films have expiration dates. If they don’t build momentum from their first festival premiere they stand little chance in securing an audience. As festival after festival was understandably cancelled, not to mention the complete dissolution of theatrical distribution, my team and I saw our impact goals slipping away.

Our tiny feature doc 'Gather' had built a healthy social media following but without an actual launch date, how could we ever gain momentum to inspire viewers and thus promote our theory of change?

And this is when we fell into the graces of Kinema. We saw the possibility of prioritizing a community screening window above others. With a healthy amount of digital media, we were able to promote our presence on Kinema as an alternative to festivals and theatrical.

The results could not have been more powerful. As viewers began learning of our film’s existence and as organizations began to crave any sort of shared experiences, even online, we were able to harness the power of live events thru Kinema.

Across the fall of 2020 and through the winter of 2021, more than 200 screening hosts used Kinema to catalyze their communities and more often than not, invited cast members from Gather to participate in Q&As.

Kinema provided a feeling of intimacy and connectedness for many during a time of deep sorrow and global crisis. Audiences gathered across time zones and borders to share the spirit of resilience that our film presents; for, 'Gather' depicts the growing movement of indigenous activists and food experts who have survived four hundred years of genocide and now, on the other side of that apocalypse, are reframing their destiny: a timely message delivered with care into the homes of thousands.

Host a screening of 'Gather' or 'Food Chains' today.

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