Host Spotlight: Pastor Greg


“Movies, at their best, tell compelling stories. People have been telling stories around flickering light for as long as we've been human. There is something about it that feeds the human spirit and is necessary for human thriving,” said Pastor Greg in an interview with Kinema.

Our host spotlight this month is the spectacular Pastor Greg; his experience is a perfect example of how Kinema can help bring critically acclaimed films to communities in theater deserts. Pastor Greg hosts a monthly screening series for his community in Clarksville, TN, where the nearest theater is a 90-minute drive away.

Convenient access to movie theaters that screen a wide variety of films is a great way to foster a sense of community, to learn about new and different perspectives, and to experience the art of cinema the way it was meant to be viewed.

“We looked around Clarksville and realized that our few theaters only show the blockbusters, which are wonderful, of course, but we were lacking the opportunity to see the independent film, the foreign film, the art film up on a big screen with an audience of other community members.  That's in a city with a population of more than 200,000!” said Pastor Greg. Hearing about Kinema was a real blessing, as they help curate the available films and manage the rights for us. They are making the job of finding the best available films and securing the screening rights easy!”

To learn more about how he and other Kinema hosts are able to pull off fun and successful community screenings, check out our Host Toolkit and book your screening of one of our fantastic curated titles today!

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