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Filmmakers: How to Conduct Influencer Screenings


We are all more likely to watch a film if it's recommended by someone we trust. That's why we built Kinema to support Influencer Screenings.

An Influencer is a respected expert, thought leader, or trendsetter with a large or dedicated following of people who look to them for information and guidance. They can be individuals or organizations and typically receive a fee or a percentage of sales when promoting products.

For films on Kinema, an influencer can create a screening event of your film and sells tickets to their followers, and you split the revenue. Typically 50/50.

Of the three ways to have screening events through Kinema, Event VOD Screenings are the best option for thesr types of events. We generate a branded virtual cinema with your film for your affiliate partner, they promote the film to their audience, and you both share the revenue!

Here’s how to get set up:

Step 1: Submit Your Film

If your film is not already on Kinema, submit it to us! If your content is a short or feature film, and meets our content standards, we would love to feature it! Here is what onboarding looks like.

Step 2: Find Your Audience

First, define your most specific target audience. Are they doc lovers? Activists? Horror fans? Then create a list of the top influencers, micro-influencers, and organizations who would align with your film's genre, topic, or story. Determine if email or social is the best way to reach them.

Step 3: Make Your Pitch

Your pitch should clearly state why this film is perfect for their audience and the value it brings them to be a curator of your film and the host of an event. In addition to the 50/50 revenue share on tickets, briefly explain how this will help them build community, increase followers, or provide something special to their audience. Offer to do a virtual Q&A with their audience! Then send that pitch in an email, a thread, or slide into their DMs, and follow up until you get a yes or no.

Step 4: Screening Set up

Event VOD screenings are the best for affiliates. They allow the host to make your film available to their audience to watch on their own time. Send them to your booking page, and recommend they select On-Demand. We will take it from there and make sure they feel supported!

Step 5: Let us Help!

We will work with your affiliates to brand their event page and virtual cinema, and provide tips on promoting their event. We want them to succeed and for more people to see your film!

Step 6: Cross Promote

As your affiliates promote their events, be sure to support them in return and promote their events on your own social channels and even list on your website.

Questions about how to do this? Email us at

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