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How to Do a Film Drop


Similar to how sellers use merch drops and shock drops to reach fashionistas, filmmakers are reaching their audiences in this fun and engaging way.

We call it a Film Drop

A Film Drop is the release of your film online to a curated or focused audience (super fans!), for a very short period of time, and only available in a limited quantity. This sense of urgency and exclusivity has been proven to help your film stand out, and successfully compel audiences to purchase and watch your film quickly.

It's a great way to engage super fans, raise funds, spread word of mouth, or grow your email list - all without compromising future film sales or distribution options

How to Do a Film Drop

1. Have a completed film ready to go and on Kinema

2. Determine if you want to do a Live Virtual event, or Event VOD.

- Live Virtual: A scheduled viewing of the film at a set date and time.

- Event VOD: Cap the window of time to a weekend and make sure to communicate that end date.

3. Set the audience cap.

4. Set an appropriate ticket price for your audience. For some films, go high as it’s a premium offer to do an advance viewing.

5. Offer something unique, like a live Q&A with you.

6. Enjoy the event!

7. Export email addresses afterwards and send a thank you email.

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