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Product Spotlight: Live Broadcasting


Wait, what is a Kinema Live Video Broadcast?
It’s exactly what it sounds like. A way for you to speak directly to your audience and bring in additional speakers from anywhere around the world, via a video live stream on video within your Virtual Kinema.

Why did we create this?
We believe that stories are better when shared, and movies are more powerful when watched together, sparking meaningful conversation. That’s why our Virtual Kinema has the option to include a Live Video Broadcast to your screening event. Whether it’s for an introduction before the film or a Q&A with special guests after, it’s an easy way for you to engage with your audience live on video.

How does it work?

  • Pick a Movie from our film library
  • Choose the date and time you want to share your film/host your event
  • Invite speakers from anywhere around the world
  • Get your popcorn out and host your Virtual Kinema!
  • Engage with your audience with a Live QA before or after the film

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