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Pay What You Wish


Pay What You Wish means that an audience member can adjust what they pay to rent your film - via a Watch Now rental - but within the confines of what you've set.

Simply enable the feature and set your minimum, maximum, and suggested rental price. Your audience members can then adjust their rental fee within that range at checkout.

Pay What You Wish is completely free to turn on. Kinema's per-rental fees of 99 cents + cc fees stay the same, so you can keep any increases in rental prices.

Note: This only applies to Watch Now rentals, not virtual, in person or VOD events.

Enabling Pay What You Wish

Go to the Filmmaker Onboarding Tool

  • Log into your Kinema account.
  • Drag your mouse over your Initials in the top right corner and click on My Films.

Click on Rights Management

Under Availability, enable Rental under Video On-Demand.

To enable Pay What You Wish and Sliding Scale Pricing, scroll down this Rights Management page.

Check the box to Enable Sliding Scale Pricing. Three fields will appear.

Add the Minimum, Suggested, and Maximum Rental Price to provide a range for guests to Pay What they Wish.

  • Minimum Rental Price: This is the lowest amount you're allowing the viewer to pay to rent your film. You cannot go lower than $1.50, which is the platform minimum.*
  • Suggested Rental Price: You would want audiences to pay this if there was no sliding scale available.
  • Maximum Rental Price: The absolutely highest you would allow someone to pay to watch the film. Anything up to $500, which is the platform cap.

Your audience adjusts their price at checkout.

Users can adjust their price in $1 increments and rent your film as normal.

*If you would like to offer $0 as part of your sliding scale, you will need to cover the costs to deliver the film at $1 per view. You can set this up by contacting your Kinema representative directly.

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