ELENDIF for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP: The Boltzmann Equation Solver

ELENDIF for Windows 95/98/NT has been revised and rewritten in FORTRAN 90/95 for personal computers. An interactive interface using pull-down menus and dialogs allows the user to easily switch or edit data files and rapidly perform a series of calculations. The code produces 2-D and 3-D graphical output in addition to text output files.

For a given mixture of partially ionized gases and a (time-dependent) electrical field, ELENDIF calculates the electron energy distribution function by solving Boltzmann’s equation in the time-dependent form. The code also computes the mean electron energy, drift velocity, characteristic energy, inelastic and superelastic rate coefficients, and energy flow rates for the processes being included in the calculation.

Physics Features:

  • Inelastic & superelastic processes; attachment and recombination; ionization, including secondaries
  • Electron-electron collisions; electron-ion collisions
  • Photon-electron processes
  • An external electron source
  • Diffusion


Other Features:

  • User interface with menus
  • Interactive¬†
  • Built-in help screen
  • Dynamic array dimensioning
  • Built-in memory management
  • Optimized for the Pentium, Pentium PRO, Pentium II and Pentium III
  • Input error checking
  • Cross section library


Electron distribution in N2 vs. E/N

Time dependent electron distribution in N2