Freedom Hill

Hosted by Freedom Hill Documentary Team + The North Carolina Environmental Justice Network


July 6, 6:10 PM EDT


$7.00 per person

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Fighting for Environmental Justice in Princeville Fundraising Screening

Princeville, NC is the first town incorporated by freed, enslaved Africans in America. But, due to hurricanes, white supremacy and political neglect, it is gradually being washed away. Co-hosted by the NC Environmental Justice Network and the Freedom Hill documentary team, this conversation unpacks environmental racism, the treatment of historically Black towns and the work local residents have long been doing to preserve their own history. Proceeds from this event will support Freedom Hill’s impact campaign, including a Youth Media Camp in Princeville, NC and Backyard screening series.

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Marquetta Dickens - Community organizer, Founder of Freedom Org, Featured in Freedom Hill

Danielle Purifoy  - Assistant Professor in Geography at UNC-Chapel Hill

Resita Cox  - Director/Producer of Freedom Hill


Dr. Danielle Purifoy

Professor in Geography at UNC-ChHill

Marquetta Dickens

Freedom Hill Participant & Organizer

Resita Cox

Director/Producer of Freedom Hill

About the film

Princeville, NC is the first town incorporated by freed, formerly enslaved Africans in America. This historical significance sits on a precipice: It is gradually being washed away. Freedom Hill is a short documentary exploring the environmental racism washing away the town of under 2,000.




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Resita Cox

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