Hosted by Eloheh and Circlewood


June 2, 6:35 PM PDT


Free Screening

Signs of Hope: GATHER Film and Discussion

If we care about the earth and want to help move humanity - and our faith communities - in a more just and sustainable direction, we must acknowledge the role of indigenous people as earthkeepers. We must also acknowledge the trauma and injustice that indigenous communities have experienced and continue to endure, as well as the creative and courageous ways many in these communities are cultivating resilience and healing. This film helps us acknowledge these truths through the lens of food, and invites us to see how restoring traditional foodways has the potential to heal both people and land. This screening is co-sponsored by Eloheh Indigenous Center for Earth Justice and Circlewood, and will be followed by a conversation with Eloheh's founders, Randy and Edith Woodley, facilitated by Lenore Three Stars and Forrest Inslee of Circlewood.

"We must seek to convert ourselves to a more Indigenous woldview, with Indigenous values, if we hope to retain our place as co-sustainers on the earth." - Dr. Randy Woodley

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About the film

A portrait of a growing movement amongst Indigenous Americans to reclaim their spiritual and cultural identities through obtaining sovereignty over their ancestral food systems, while battling against the historical trauma brought on by centuries of genocide.




1h 14m




Sanjay Rawal


Tanya Meillier, Sterlin Harjo

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