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The Last Ecstatic Days

Hosted by Metamorphosis Ventures



May 23, 4:00 PM PDT


Free Screening

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About the event

Join The Metamorphosis Community for a special screening event of the acclaimed documentary film, The Last Ecstatic Days, followed by an exclusive Q&A with the director, Scott Kirschenbaum. The film tells the compelling and inspiring story of Ethan Sisser, a "psychedelic student" who was diagnosed with stage-4 brain cancer, and chose to have a documentary crew follow the incredible journey of his death process, surrounded by loving community support. Ethan's powerful story will give you a new lease on life--as he shows you a new way to "live like you were dying."

Scott Kirschenbaum, director of The Last Ecstatic Days

Kirschenbaum’s films include the Alzheimer’s documentary “YOU’RE LOOKING AT ME LIKE I LIVE HERE, AND I DON’T,” which aired on PBS’ Emmy award-winning program Independent Lens, and serves as a teaching tool for nonprofits, universities, public libraries and conferences; the speaker series “A SOAPBOX IN HAITI” which was featured on ABC World News, premiered on Haitian television stations on the one-year anniversary of the earthquake and is taught in Haitian studies programs; the birth documentary “These Are My Hours,” which was called “the most cinematic birth documentary ever” by No Film School and has been distributed and taught in birth courses worldwide; “ELEMENTARY COOL,” about a young Sudanese refugee girl’s first day at an American elementary school, which premiered nationally at Playworks’ PlayOn Conference; and “JUMOR: A JOURNEY THROUGH JEWISH HUMOR,” a documentary about lovely (and curmudgeonly) old Jews.

Event Participants

Scott Kirschenbaum

Director of "The Last Ecstatic Days"

About the film

Ethan Sisser, a young man with terminal brain cancer, sits alone in his hospital room. When he starts livestreaming his death journey on social media, thousands of people around the world join to celebrate his courage. Still, Ethan envisions more – to teach the world how to die without fear. To do that, he needs to film his death.Honoring Ethan's wish, his doctor Aditi Sethi transports him to an idyllic house in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. What unfolds next is a story rarely glimpsed: how a community of strangers helps a young man die with grace.A sensory immersion into leaving the body, “The Last Ecstatic Days” reveals a man who will not let us forget him – even after he’s taken his final breath.To support the film's impact campaign, please visit:




1h 13m




Scott Kirschenbaum


Scott Kirschenbaum, Prerana Thakurdesai, Hannah Fowler, Alex Harvey, Landon Maloney, Lisa Deluc

Executive Producer

David Seidler, Gail Harris, Jessica Zitter, Tommy Pallotta


Ethan Sisser


Ethan Sisser, Aditi Sethi, Linda Rothman, Greg Lathrop, Brent Skidmore

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