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UNSEEN: How We’re Failing Parent Caregivers & Why It Matters

Hosted by Gavin's Voice, David & Joreen Varecka



Mar 4, 7:00 PM EST


$10.00 per person

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About the event

I have been a Mom for close to 30 years (1997)! Being a parent of a child with special needs is something I didn't understand until sometime between 2017-2018, 20 years later. The excitement and joy of having a child is something I wanted for my husband, David. I wanted him to experience the pregancy with me, the delivery of our child and raising a child that belongs to two people that are so in love with one another. We were not prepared to be Caregivers of a child with special needs... especially at our age! We are managing each day with the Village we have created for our Gavin. We think this is an important film to watch for anyone that doesn't understand what our day to day lives may look Iike. We are blessed to have older children and have hired caregivers who support us, but this is not true of everyone we know.

About the film

Many caregivers for children or adults who are disabled or medically complex are exhausted and isolated. The mental, physical and financial struggle of family caregivers costs us all. The award-winning “UNSEEN” documentary gives an unfiltered, honest glimpse into caregivers’ lives to enable change for millions of families.




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