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About the film

Embark on a transformative journey with "Beyond" as it delves into the extraordinary life of Tamara Mark. From the realms of Broadway and Hollywood, she emerges as a single mother to two severely autistic adults, Ian and Harry. The diagnosis of autism marks a turning point, leading Tamara on an unforeseen path. Her unwavering determination to provide a nurturing and safe community for her sons becomes the driving force of the narrative. Every mother, including Tamara, grapples with the haunting question: 'What will become of my children when I'm no longer here?” As she navigates the challenges and triumphs, the film unveils a powerful narrative of hope, resilience, and the boundless love that fuels her mission to create a haven where her sons and others like them can thrive, be safe, and cherished. This is an adventure that tugs at the heartstrings, igniting empathy and inspiration in every frame. CINEQUEST, renowned for showcasing some of the most life-affirming films globally, has bestowed upon "Beyond" the prestigious KAISER PERMANENTE THRIVE AWARD. This year, "Beyond" has deeply touched audiences with its profound narrative of resilience and optimism. Watch the post-screening Q&A session, where you can listen to insights from the creators Thiago Dadalt and Dru Miller, as so Tamara Mark and Marc Olson, as they discuss the remarkable journey behind the making of this extraordinary film. The movie is available with subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese.




1h 26m




Thiago DaDalt


Damaris Pinheiro, Bruna Nogueira, Dru Miller

Executive Producer

Dru Miller


Al Sgro, Ricardo Ariel


Tamara Mark, Marc Olson, Ian & Harry, Holly Charlton "Occupational Therapist", Darlene Hanson "Language Pathologist"

Awards & recognition



DaVinci Film Festival 2022

Honorable mention

What people are saying

“When it's all said and done, BEYOND is what I would consider to be the gold standard when it comes to visually explaining autism.” - 4.5 stars


Film Review

"I dare you to watch the documentary and not see Mark as a tireless hero to her children and cause. Your heart will break for her and her children and hopefully will inspire you to take action. Beyond attempts to not only find hope in a hopeless situation but in a roundabout way encourages us to be a beacon of hope as well." 9/10 Stars

Film Threat

Film Review

“Shining a light on these difficulties, that most would never comprehend, adds to the film’s noble purpose without ever coming across as preachy. And whilst Tamara’s ambition of a mini-city community may feel lofty, it is hard to argue by the film’s end that it is not a worthwhile cause.” - 4 stars

UK Film review

Film Review

“Beyond is an emotional ride that keeps you watching. My eyes were glued to the screen. - 4.5 stars

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