Columbus Didn't Discover Us

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Apr 01, 2023

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Turning Tide Films

About the film

At a time of heightened public consciousness about Christopher Columbus’s legacy of genocide and enslavement of native peoples, Turning Tide Films releases an updated and digitally re-mastered HD version of COLUMBUS DIDN’T DISCOVER US on the 30th anniversary of the landmark First Continental Conference of Indigenous Peoples depicted in the film.




0h 31m




Robbie Leppzer


Wil Echevarria, Pedro Rivera, Erik van Lennep

What people are saying

This video allows the viewer to hear Indians speaking for themselves with passion and conviction. 'Columbus Didn't Discover Us' is an important and valuable testimonial from voices too long suppressed."

Lisa Mitten (Mohawk)

American Indian Library Association

Extremely relevant to the current social justice reforms happening throughout the United States. Viewing of this film can “kick-start” much needed conversations pertaining to the revising of our educational process and discussions around the shared Indigenous and colonizer/settler histories.

Dr. Deirdre Almeida (Lenape/Shawnee)

American Indian Studies Program, Eastern Washington University

The naked truth of the Columbus legacy is revealed. A must for the classroom.

Stephanie Betancourt (Seneca)

Native American Education Program, NYC Public Schools

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