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Equal Playing Field

This film is no longer available

About the film

30 female soccer players from 24 different countries summit Mount Kilimanjaro and descend to the Dead Sea, to play the highest and lowest soccer games ever played.




1h 26m




Tamara Rosenfeld, Amirose Eisenbach


Andrew Fromer, Mary McNeill, Amirose Eisenbach

Executive Producer

Susie DeLellis Petruccelli, Michael DeLellis

Awards & recognition

Impact Docs Awards

Winner Award of Merit Special Mention Documentary Feature 2019

17th International Football Film Festival Berlin

11mm Official Selection 2020

What people are saying

“Equal Playing Field is an extraordinary reminder that anything we conceive in our minds is truly possible. Watching these women as they go on a relentless journey in pursuit of fulfilling their dreams and honoring their purpose is exceptionally gratifying and inspiring. This film speaks to the soul of every little girl in need of believing: YES SHE CAN!”

JaNeika James & JaSheika James, Writers/Co-Executive Producers of Netflix's True Story and HBOMax's Gossip Girl

“'Equal Playing Field' shows female athletes pushing their body, mind and spirit to inspire a revolution of consciousness for female equality through sport and beyond. The challenges they faced playing on top of Kilimanjaro all the way down to the Dead Sea will help create miracles for female athletes all over the world for generations to come. It gave me chills. This film is special. "

Ethan Zohn, Co-founder Grassroot Soccer and Winner of Survivor, Africa

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