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Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President

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Jan 01, 2025

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About the film

If it hadn’t been for a bottle of scotch and a late-night visit from musician Gregg Allman, Jimmy Carter might never have been elected the 39th President of the United States. The documentary charts the mostly forgotten story of how Carter, a lover of all types of music, forged a tight bond with musicians Willie Nelson, the Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan and others. Low on campaign funds and lacking in name recognition, Carter relied on support from these artists to give him a crucial boost in the Democratic primaries. Once Carter was elected, the musicians became frequent guests in the White House. The surprisingly significant role that music played throughout Carter’s life and in his work becomes a thread in this engaging portrait of the 39th President of the United States.




1h 35m




Mary Wharton


Andrés David Calderón, Farhad Amid, Tom Moran

Executive Producer

Lois Vossen, Sally Jo Fifer, Ridley Scott, Freida Lee Mock


Madeleine Albright, Bono, Rosalynn Carter, Garth Brooks, Bob Dylan

Awards & recognition

Los Angeles Film Awards 2020

Winner Annual Award Best of the Festival 2020

Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards 2021

Nominee Joe Barber Award Best Portrayal of Washington, DC

Guild of Music Supervisors Awards 2021

Nominee GMS Award Best Music Supervision for a Documentary

Best Use of Footage in a History Feature

FOCAL International Awards 2021 Nominee

What people are saying

A fun soulful documentary that's rarely ever invasive, depicting the type of statesman we're sorely missing today.

Robert Daniels

"Rock & Roll President" is a potent and poignant reminder of how some things used to be and may never be again.

Glenn Kenny

The New York Times

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