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About the film

Josh Alexander’s Loudmouth documents the winding road that is Reverend Al Sharpton’s life story as an iconic activist and spiritual leader.




2h 0m




Josh Alexander


Daniel J. Chalfen, Mike Jackson, Kedar Massenburg, Josh Alexander

Executive Producer

John Legend


Josh Alexander


Reverend Al Sharpton

Awards & recognition

Tribeca Festival 2022

Closing Night Film

Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival 2022

Official Selection

Chicago International Film Festival 2022

Official Selection

Denver Film Festival 2022

Official Selection

Philadelphia Film Festival 2022

Official Selection

What people are saying

Riveting and essential.

Owen Gleiberman


An unfiltered view of racism in America.

Lovia Gyarkye

The Hollywood Reporter

[LOUDMOUTH] gives a fuller and more nuanced look at a man who, for all his flaws, has proven to be one willing to fight the good fight for lon- ger than most.

Peter Sobczynski

Josh Alexander’s doc tries to look at the many sides of Sharpton and come up with a picture that takes into account how the good, the bad, and the ugly of his persona plays into a decades- long campaign to right wrongs on a local and national level. It’s a movie that earns its moni- ker in the best possible ways.

David Fear

Rolling Stone

The documentary is a trove of rarely, if never before, seen footage. There’s an eerie quality to these clips, too, as they show an unfiltered view of racism in America. It’s a reminder of the thin line between past and present battles.

Lovia Gyarye

The Hollywood Reporter

Loudmouth contextualizes Sharpton’s legacy as an extension of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rep. John Lewis and others, while at the same time chron- icling his unique longevity despite plenty of naysayers along the way.

Jake Coyle

AP News

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