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Love After War: Saving Love, Saving Lives

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Jan 01, 2025

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About the film

The story of injured veterans and their romantic partners who are winning the battle for love. Love After War introduces viewers to catastrophically wounded veterans and their partners who candidly share how they restored emotional closeness and physical intimacy after surviving combat related injuries. With insightful commentary from experts in sexuality and disability, this film sensitizes the general public, provides hope to our heroes, and serves as an educational tool for those whom our veterans rely on for their care.




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Mitchell Tepper


Mitchell Tepper


Mitchell Tepper


Manny Gonzalez, Laura Gonzalez, Casey Kimes, Tosombra Kimes, Timothy Hornik, Terri Tanielian, Ihsan Rogers, Robert Dean, Paul Gobourne, Kathryn Ellis, Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, Moira McGuire, Aaron Causey, Kat Causey, Tyler Wilson, Crystal Wilson

Awards & recognition

The Miami International Cinefest

Winner, Best Documentary

World London Film Festival

Gold Selection, Feature Movie


Nomination, Best Documentary Feature

Sunscreen Film Festival

Official Selection, Documentary Feature

IndieFEST Film Awards

Winner, Award of Merit

The Impact DOCS Awards

Winner, Award of Merit, Documentary Feature, Disability Issues, Contemporary Issues

What people are saying

Offers realistic hope for active-duty servicemembers and veterans who have returned home with physical and/or psychological health challenges that are creating difficulties in their intimate lives....While super-relevant to people with disabilities and their partners, the frank and open sharing is enlightening and informative to all audiences. The full-on injection of raw humanity — shared with a purpose to make lives more full and pleasurable — is an essential element of addressing disability and sexuality.

Steve Wright

Love After War Documentary Film – Candid and Expert Storytelling About Disability, Intimacy, Sexuality and Compassion

Love After War is a groundbreaking study of sex and sexuality in disabled veterans....Love After War is incredibly unique. Having seen many documentaries focused on sexology, I can confidently say it blows others out of the water.

J. Zimmerman

Video Librarian

Throughout the documentary, Tepper himself dispenses calm, encouraging advice on overcoming these challenges, directing his advice at both veterans and spouses as well as health care providers who may be reticent about raising such issues with their patients. The latter especially may find this documentary a positive, sensitive example of the kind of honest discussion of sexual issues needed.

Kay Hogan Smith-Retired - University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences

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