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Searching for Andreas: Political Leadership in Times of Crisis

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Nov 30, 2028

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About the film

Searching for Andreas is an independent production about the pitfalls of charismatic leadership and the limits of democratic politics under economic globalization. Charismatic leaders build personalistic parties and undermine political institutions, while their succession is fraught with difficulties. Searching for Andreas explores peoples’ reliance on such leaders by examining the life and legacy of one of Europe’s most controversial leaders, Andreas G. Papandreou. Was he a socialist reformer or a populist manipulator? Regardless of what one thinks, his legacy is still felt in Greece 28 years after his death. When the financial crisis hit Greece in 2009, a political representation crisis turned into a legitimation crisis, which was partly responsible for the rise of populist and anti-establishment movements. Greek political developments following the global financial crisis undoubtedly mirror developments in the European and global commons. Indeed, the tensions between austerity, dictated by economic globalization, and democratic politics are manifesting themselves across the world, from Italy to Argentina. The film is a cautionary tale about over-reliance on charismatic leaders and the challenges that democracies face in our times.




1h 35m




Harris Mylonas, Theo Prodromidis


Magnus Briem, Nicolina Angelou, Theodora Frangakis, Labros Papadeas, Sophia Mylona, Leonidas Vagias, Theodore and Frances Vagias, Mason Harriman Group, Inc.

Executive Producer

Harris Mylonas


Harris Mylonas


Fanis Karagiorgos, Dimitris Tzikas, Andreas Loukakos, Vanias Apergis, Filenia Kartsonaki, Melenia Giannousi, Nassos Tsialtas, Dimitris Karteris, Stefanos Douvitsas,, Konstantinos Linoxylakis, Stan Draenos

Awards & recognition

Thessaloniki Doc Festival 2018

Official Selection

International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra 2019

2nd Feature Greek Award

International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra 2019

Original Music Award

What people are saying

"...watching the biographical documentary of an ambitious political leader, it is difficult not to compare and contrast him with other ambitious leaders of countries such as Hungary, Poland, and Turkey today."

Zeynep H. Bulutgil

Nationalities Papers

"In the documentary former Prime Ministers, family members of Andreas, and other intellectual elites gave in-depth answers to complex questions about the true impact of this charismatic leader. I had never heard of Andreas Papandreou before May 30th. The fact that I didn’t feel ignorant for my lack of knowledge while viewing the documentary speaks to Harris’ abilities to engage his audiences; I imagine his students as well, as a director and educator."

Dan Roh

Alumni Spotlight, The Louis August Jonas Foundation

"...Mylonas decodes Papandreou’s history, a politician that was as divisive as decisive in Greek’s late 20th century. By doing so, the Greek director, and academic, hands us the tools to understand a much bigger picture, in order to pinpoint where all the mess and disaffection in today’s world politics actually come from."

Nicolò Comotti

Fred, the festival insider

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