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The Ants and the Grasshopper

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Oct 04, 2029

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About the film

How do you change someone's mind about the most important thing in the world? Anita Chitaya has a gift: she can change farmers' minds about what to grow, she can change what people love to eat, and she can even persuade men to fight for gender equality. Now, to save her home in Malawi from extreme weather, she faces her greatest challenge: persuading Americans that climate change is real.




1h 14m




Raj Patel, Zak Piper


Raj Patel, Peter Mazunda, Zak Piper, Rachel Wexler


Anita Chitaya

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Awards & recognition

MountainFilm 2021

Moving Mountains Award

American Conservation Film Festival

Green Fire Award 2022

Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2022

Jury Award

Cinem’ambiente, Torino 2021

Award Biorepack Dalla Terra alla Terra,

American Conservation Film Festival

2021 Green Fire Award

Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival

2021 GAIA Prize for Environmental Filmmaking

What people are saying

"The film is lovely, so moving and so touching. Anita Chitaya has plenty to teach us. I think it's Oscar-worthy."

Marion Nestle

"I am blown away. You have found a hero of such grace and in- telligence and power, and you had the good sense to get out of the way, center the narrative on her. The film is obviously not about agriculture in the way I expected to be-- it's much bigger than that. We get to observe history, That's what ten years on a movie gets you, I feel invested in the project. so wonderful to see it completed, I will be happy to spread the word."

Michael Pollan, Author & Director of the Knight Program in Science and Environmental Journalism

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