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The Last Ecstatic Days

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Oct 01, 2024

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The Last Ecstatic Days Movie

About the film

Ethan Sisser, a young man with terminal brain cancer, sits alone in his hospital room. When he starts livestreaming his death journey on social media, thousands of people around the world join to celebrate his courage. Still, Ethan envisions more – to teach the world how to die without fear. To do that, he needs to film his death. Honoring Ethan's wish, his doctor Aditi Sethi transports him to an idyllic house in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. What unfolds next is a story rarely glimpsed: how a community of strangers helps a young man die with grace. A sensory immersion into leaving the body, “The Last Ecstatic Days” reveals a man who will not let us forget him – even after he’s taken his final breath. To support the film's impact campaign, please visit:




1h 13m




Scott Kirschenbaum


Scott Kirschenbaum, Prerana Thakurdesai, Hannah Fowler, Alex Harvey, Landon Maloney

Executive Producer

David Seidler, Gail Harris, Jessica Zitter, Tommy Pallotta


Ethan Sisser


Ethan Sisser, Aditi Sethi, Linda Rothman, Greg Lathrop, Brent Skidmore

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Turkey Grief & Death Festival

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What people are saying

“…courageous end-of-life chronicle, which overflows with compassion and shows us how to live mindfully while embracing curiosity about what lies beyond.”

Natalia Winkelman

Boston Globe

“This film blew me away. You just can't help but love Ethan the moment he opens his TikTok and invites you into his life. Ethan became a teacher for me. I hope everyone will see this extraordinary film."

Roshi Joan Halifax

Buddhist Teacher & Founder, Upaya Zen Center

“As no other film, The Last Ecstatic Days shows us a more noble way of dying.”

Leonard Pickard

Author, The Rose of Paracelus

"The Last Ecstatic Days explores the beauty of vulnerability and how we want to leave the world when we die."

Smita Nair

The Indian Express

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