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Triple Threat

This film is no longer available

About the film

Close friendships are slowly pulled apart as a once shared dream is abandoned by one in favor of fatherhood.




1h 39m




Stacey Maltin


Jay DeYonker, Stacey Maltin


Stacey Maltin, Jay DeYonker, Margarita Zhitnikova

Awards & recognition

Blackbird Film Festival

Winner Jury Award Best Feature Film

Blackbird Film Festival

Winner Audience Award Best Feature Film

Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

Winner Best Ensemble Cast

What people are saying

Maltin has delivered a beautifully crafted film that is, in the end, a love story within a love story within a love story. TRIPLE THREAT is a welcome reminder of the energy and hope that is the lifeblood of theatre.

Broadway World

Stacey Maltin not only co-stars in this film, she also directed it, co-wrote it and co-produced it. Definitely, a rising star to keep an eye on. This film very much feels like her story, which only adds to the realism.

Queer Guru

Stacey Maltin lights up the screen. “TRIPLE THREAT is electric. And the team is extraordinarily talented.

Drill Mag

For anyone looking for a film that’s fun and provocative, this is the film to see.

Film Threat

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