KINEMA Version 4 for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP

Zero dimensional, time-dependent plasma chemistry and chemical kinetics code.


  • Full time-dependent plasma chemistry (no limit on number of atomic and molecular species)
  • Reactions read in symbolic for and rate coefficients in Arrhenius form (no limit on number of reactions)
  • Handles neutral, ionic & electron collisional, radiation and diffusion processes
  • Line broadening and escape factor model for line radiation; continuum radiation model
  • Uses ELENDIF for computing transport and rate coefficients for non-Maxwellian electrons
  • Can use tabulated Maxwellian rate coefficients vs. Te, which it can generate internally from tabulated cross section data
  • Can perform calculations at constant current density, constant power density, or with a voltage source + ballast resistor circuit
  • Can treat heating of electrons by inverse bremsstrahlung
  • Can treat a time dependent external source of electrons, such as an electron beam
  • User friendly interface with pull-down menus and help screen
  • Graphical output with printer and graphics file support


Example Calculation 1:
Constant Current Discharge in an N2H2 Gas Mixture

  • Log-log plot of electron and ion densities
  • Semi-log plot
  • Electron energy distribution functions parametric in E/N


Example Calculation 2:
Pulsed Discharge in He/Ar/O2 Gas Mixture With Voltage Source and Ballast Resistance

  • Electron, metastable, and ozone densities
  • Electron energy distribution functions parametric in E/N


Example Calculation 3:
Pulsed Discharge in Humid Air

  • Electrons and oxygen negative ions
  • Positive ions
  • O, O3, and metastable states
  • NOx
  • Electron distribution function at various times (the peaks are due to superelastic collisions with metastable species)
  • Air chemistry model