Laser Produced Plasma

Kinema Research has recently become involved in research on Warm Dense Matter (WDM) in collaboration with Richard W. Lee and Hyun-Kyung Chung at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. We are developing the FLYCHK [1, 2] code for WDM plasma spectroscopy calculations. See References [1]-[4] and the abstract below.

Non-Equilibrium Modeling of Warm Dense Matter

H.-K. Chung (LLNL), W. L. Morgan (Kinema Research), and R. W. Lee (LLNL)

The advent of high brightness femtosecond hard x-ray free electron lasers will provide a new and challenging regime for plasma research. Illumination of solid materials by such light sources will produce highly non-equilibrium plasmas on time scales of tens of femtosecond having mean electron energies in the 1-10 eV range, very non-thermal electron energy distributions, and cold ions at near solid state density. We will discuss our research on modeling the plasma spectroscopy of such warm dense matter [1, 2] with emphasis on treating the electron interactions and non-Maxwell-Boltzmann energy distributions.

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