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We’re on a mission to innovate moviegoing by empowering anyone, anywhere to show films for their neighborhoods, communities and followers.
A powerful platform for powerful stories.
Movies are better when we watch them together. We help anyone curate and show films — online or in person — to build community and make cash.
We do this by offering a platform for filmmakers to manage their non-theatrical exhibition (aka screening tours) both online and offline, and through developing partnerships with creative cinema spaces, organizations and community leaders to host their own screening events.
We call it human-centered distribution. It starts with an individual and extends to their community. An influencer with a following, a pastor with a church, or an activist with a mission, all can leverage the magic of moviegoing within their spaces — online and off — to build community and connection.
By showing films through Kinema you’re bringing art to creative & communal spaces, and supporting new and independent filmmakers.
Launch your own movie house today to support the filmmaking you want to see.
The way
we see it.
We built tools for filmmakers, hosts and audiences to connect directly with each other, safely and securely.
Just like making a movie, human-centered distribution cannot be done alone. We’re committed to collaborating with filmmakers, hosts and audiences to create a meaningful and memorable experience for everyone.
We believe in and actively strive for accessibility, diversity, inclusion and equity among our staff, hosts, films and filmmakers. We also believe that we will only be successful when that results in everyone truly feeling a sense of belonging.
Great storytelling
The power of storytelling is social and universal. We believe that the art of telling stories, particularly when told with authenticity and empathy, has the ability to change lives and perspectives.
We’re committed to providing the best films and movie-going experience for our hosts, filmmakers and audience members.

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