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In Our Own Hands: How Patients Are Reinventing Medicine

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Jan 01, 2025

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About the film

IN OUR OWN HANDS: How Patients Are Reinventing Medicine opens with an urgent question posed by desperate patients and their families: Can new technologies help us treat and prevent the most alarming and perhaps understated health threats that we face? Through the stories of the impassioned, often defiant struggles of the film's three central characters—all with complex, unresolved medical issues—IN OUR OWN HANDS explores the emergence of "participatory medicine", enabled by a host of groundbreaking technologies that put more data about our own biological, behavioral and environmental ecosystems into our hands (and often onto our phones) than ever before possible.




1h 7m




Elizabeth Horn


Elizabeth Horn, Steve Michelson

Executive Producer

Steve Michelson, Zachary Nelson

What people are saying

An engaging introduction into the rapidly changing landscape of personalized healthcare that puts the patient in the center of discovery. Well-researched and featuring many leading academic clinical scientists sharing their insights alongside patients and caregivers in highly approachable ways.

Ted Smith, PhD

Associate Professor of Environmental Medicine, Director of Center for Healthy Air, Water and Soil, University of Louisville

This is an engaging and illuminating film that is anchored by the powerful stories of several patients and their families. It makes a compelling case for medical data collection and its promise. It also demonstrates what progress is possible when patients and caregivers become citizen scientists and health care advocates.

Sharona Hoffman

Professor of Law and Bioethics, Co-Director, Law-Medicine Center, Case Western Reserve University School of Law

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