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Can't Stop Change: Queer Climate Stories from the Florida Frontlines

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Jan 01, 2025

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Queers for Climate Justice

About the film

As Florida's violent legislation dominates headlines, LGBTQ2S+ communities are also on the frontlines of accelerating climate change. Can’t Stop Change: Queer Climate Stories from the Florida Frontlines weaves interviews with 14 LGBTQ2S+ artists, organizers, and educators across Florida (and the new Florida diaspora) into an intersectional climate justice narrative. Come meet the real Florida. *This film is not yet rated. It contains some brief nudity (non-sexual), and occasional adult language. It also contains hurricane footage and discussion of state violence that may be distressing to some viewers. Recommended for adults or young adult minors with permission. Please note that specifics of Florida legislation mentioned in the film may have changed since filming.*




1h 38m




Vanessa Raditz, Natalia Villarán-Quiñones, Yarrow Koning, Jess Martínez, Shoog McDaniel


Elias Hamza Acevedo

Awards & recognition

Tampa Bay Transgender Film Festival

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Frameline Film Fest

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What people are saying

In the feature-length documentary “Can’t Stop Change,” queer climate stories from Florida’s front lines take center stage, and water and queerness are kin, similar in their shapeshifting instance on eternality, rejection of possession, and openness to being experienced. Queerness and the environment can’t be held down, but in Florida, queer people and the more-than-human queer world are under attack.

Ray Levy Uyeda

Prism Reports

Can’t Stop Change also illustrates quite effectively the ways the fossil fuel industry has brought us to this point in the climate crisis where hurricanes are supercharged from record-breaking ocean temperatures—and where LGBTQIA+ people are stripped of their rights and protections, making them more vulnerable when disasters unfold.

Yessenia Funes


...while the film absolutely touches on queer and trans trauma in the wake of anti-LGBTQ+ bills proposed and passed into law in Florida, they also highlight stories of queer and trans joy, queer and trans dreams for liberation, and queer and trans resistance movements.

Daylina Miller


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